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How do I get to my Favorites List?

    • Log in to your account
    • Click My Account
    • Choose Favorites List
    • Select Add A List
    • Name Your List and select who is allowed to view it
    • Submit
    • Start Shopping

As you browse our online catalog, click "Add to Favorites" and the product will appear on your Favorites List.

If you are a new customer, the Favorites List option will be available after you place your first order.

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How many Favorites Lists can I have?

There is no limit. Create as many lists as you need to manage your orders.


Who can view my list?

This decision is up to you. Your list can be Private or Shared with all users on your Ultimate Dental account. You will make this decision when creating a new list or you can select Edit, and change the Seen By options.


Can I remove items from my list?

Yes. Open your list and look below the name of the product you wish to remove. Simply click Remove from Favorites.


If I add an item to my cart, does it automatically add the item to my Favorites List?

No. You must click the Add To Favorites button to add an item to your Favorites List. 


Why do I need a Favorites List?

    • List is under your control... you can add and delete products as needed
    • Create multiple favorites lists (by doctor, by procedure, by product type, etc.)
    • Securely, order online at your leisure, 24 hours a day
    • Save time, paper and fax expenses
    • In the event you have a new person ordering, they have a reference of items typically ordered
    • Reduce time to look up item numbers to place an order
    • Reduce the chance of errors, saving time and ensuring the correct item being delivered
    • Ability to see special pricing or promotions on items when ordering
    • Immediate confirmation of order vs. faxes