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  • Category: Centrix
  • Brand: Fluoride Cavity Varnish
  • Buy 4, Get 1 FREE! (Mix & Match Flavors)

Valid January 1 - March 31, 2019. Free goods ship from Centrix. Free goods must be of equal or lesser value than purchased item. Valid in the U.S. and Canada only. Offer may not be combined with any other Centrix offer. Purchase must be reflected on one invoice. Offer void if product is returned. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of free goods. Centrix reserves the right to discontinue or change these offers at any time. It is the doctor's obligation to properly report and appropriately reflect any bonus product on their submission to Medicare/Medicare/private insurance.  

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Features a 5% sodium fluoride, white cavity varnish in the single-use LolliPack package, the maximum allowed fluoride dosage and is FDA-approved for treating dentinal sensitivity.

No more messy gels and uncomfortable trays; no more inherent worry of fluoride gestation. Dip. Mix. Brush. Throw away. 

Each unit contains one single dose (0.3 mL) of FluoroDose plus one clean BendaBrush applicator which allows you to mix varnish prior to application guaranteeing a consistent level of fluoride in every application. Simply peel back the cover, dip in the brush, mix and apply.

The ADA considers fluoride varnish to be safe and effecacious as part of a caries prevention program that includes caries diagnosis, risk assessment and regular dental care.

Features & Benefits:

  • Everything you need in one simple package – sealed and ready for use.
  • Single step brush-on procedure is easier and safer to use than gels and rinses.
  • Perfect inventory control.
  • Dries in seconds upon contact with saliva.
  • Remains on tooth for 6 to 8 hours for optimum fluoride uptake.


The Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires chemical manufacturers, distributors, or importers to provide Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) (formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDSs) to communicate the hazards of hazardous chemical products.

Please click the link below for the appropriate sheet.

  • SDS [09/2015]


Are there dyes in FluoroDose?
Yes, FD&C Red #40 and a minute amount of Ti Dioxide

What is the sweetener in FluoroDose?
Sucralose powder.

Is FluoroDose gluten-free?



How to Use This Product:

  1. Clean teeth and remove excess moisture from area to be treated.
  2. Grip the foil cover and slowly peel back, exposing the brush applicator and varnish well.
  3. Remove applicator brush and stir material in well.
  4. Paint a thin film of varnish onto treatment area.
  5. Let the varnish dry for approximately 10 seconds and then instruct the patient to close their mouth.
  6. Dispose package and applicator after use.
  7. Patient may leave immediately after treatment. Patient should be advised to remain on a soft food diet and only drink cold liquids for two hours after treatment; and not to brush for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours.
  8. When dry, any excess varnish may appear "spotty" and may slide off the tooth surface. This will not affect the efficacy of the product, as there is still a full layer of varnish on the tooth.


  1. Ulcerative gingivitis and stomatitis
  2. Known allergic reactions to fluoride
  3. Avoid ingestion during application
  4. Known allergies to colophony or similar materials


Do not apply when other fluoride treatments (gels or foams) are to be done the same day. The use of fluoride tablets and rinses should be interrupted for several days after initial treatment.

Adverse Reactions:

Edematous swellings have been reported in rare instances, especially after application to extensive surfaces. Dyspnea, although extremely rare, has occurred in asthmatic patients. Patients with sensitive stomachs have reported nausea on occasion. Varnish may easily be removed through tooth brushing and rinsing.

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