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SafeBasics Saliva Ejectors

  • Category: Medicom
  • Buy 2 Bags, Get 1 FREE! (Cannot Mix & Match Scented and Plain)

Valid January 1 - March 31, 2019. Free goods ship with order from Ultimate Dental. Offer may not be combined with any other Medicom offer. Offers valid in the 50 United States only. Free goods must be of equal or lesser value. Medicom reserves the right to discontinue or change these offers at any time. It is the doctor's obligation to properly report and appropriately reflect any bonus product on their submission to Medicare/Medicare/private insurance.  

NOTE: Free goods are not reflected on your online order. After your order is submitted, any free goods that ship from Ultimate Dental will be added to your order by your account manager OR paperwork will be sent to the manufacturer to redeem your free product. If you would like to request a specific shade or size, please mention that information in the notes section during check out.

Made from high quality materials and are designed to ensure protection that you can always count on, with the latest engineering advances, new colors and new scents.

Features & Benefits:

  • Top Quality – Medicom uses only select raw materials and cutting edge production processes all to guarantee best in class quality standards. Medicom's saliva ejectors are made of certified medical atoxic plastic, according to the latest edition of the European Pharmacopeia.
  • Comfort and Maximum Safety – The filter insert is completely rounded and comfortable to protect delicate or sore gums. The tip is attached via an advanced melting process that ensures total safety and protection from detachment. The tip surface is smoother, to allow air to flow even in the event of blockage, preventing patient pain or irritation.
  • Every wire has its place – The metal wire is fit solidly in the tube to avoid any chance of it coming out of either end. This will guarantee that the desired shape is maintained perfectly.
  • Always in shape – The high-flexibility and total lack of kinks guarantee high filtration capacity. The safe and simple shaping of the saliva ejectors make it easy to adapt to all.