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SafeMask Master Series
ASTM Level 1, 2 and 3

  • Category: Medicom
  • Brand: Procedure Earloop Face Masks
  • Buy 3 Boxes, Get 1 FREE!

Valid October 1 - December 31, 2018. Free goods ship with order from Ultimate Dental. Free goods must be of equal or lesser value than purchased item. Medicom reserves the right to change or modigy any promotion at any time. Valid in the United States and Canada only. Offer not valid with any other Medicom offer.  

Safe+Masks are produced in Augusta, Georgia at Medicom's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. To honor this legacy, Medicom created the Master Series, a series inspired by Augusta's beautiful landscapes. Constructed with the same high quality materials found in the Safe+Mask Premier Line, these ASTM Level 1 rated masks with their joyful outer layers will brighten up your daily routine. 

Augusta Sky #2515-2050
A royal blue that promotes the best of the primary color. The rich blue enhances self-expression and originality. It is honest, loyal and will give you confidence with everything you do. 

Azalea Festival #2515-2051
A shocking pink that combines the best of red and violet with a hint of white. The bright fuchsia represents passion and power. It promotes compassino and kindness and will help carry you through your day with a smile. 

Lush Lawn #2515-2052
A green color that combines the optimism of yellow and charm of blue. The vibrant green represents renewal and rebirth. It is restorative, hopeful and will put a spring in your step every day. 

Southern Bellflower #2515-2054
A radiant orchid color.