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Exact Contact

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Valid October 1 - December 31, 2018. Purchase must be reflected on one invoice. Offer is valid while supplies last. Valid to US Dentists only. This offer may not be combined with any other EDS offer or promotion. EDS is not responsible for lost items. As  

A fast, precise crown insertion device. Featuring progressive color transfer technology and universal premolar/molar fit. Easily adjust the contact with elite precision for those stubborn times the crown seat is not perfect on first insert.

Simply place, mark the crown, adjust, and deliver a perfect result.

How Does It Work?

At a crown delivery appointment, the dental profesional may place Exact Contact on a tooth adjacent to a crown preparation so that the marking paper easily approximates the area of the interproximal. The crown to be delivered may then be gently seated on the crown preparationuntil a marking is transferred to teh crown. The dental professional may then easily evaluate the marking and precisely adjust any excessive contact pressure. The process may be repeated on each embrasure as needed until the most acceptable contact is achieved.

What are the Benefits of Exact Contact?

For the dental professional, Exact Contact decreeases procedure time for crown delivery visits by increasing efficiency, precision and ergonomics of the dental practice. The product provides these benefits by enabling a fast method for precise identification and adjustment of the interproximal contact location which results in a better fitting crown in faster time. 

For the patient, Exact Contact enables precise crown interproximal contact and supports improved marginal seal. The improved method of crown delivery supports increased crown longevity, increased crown success rate and decreased chance of a crown remake.

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